eLearning at North Adams

  • In the past several years, the Indiana Department of Education has provided schools an option to make up weather-related cancellations using eLearning Days. eLearning refers to learning using technology to access educational curriculum and resources, communicate with teachers, and submit assignments.  While many of our teachers use a blend of eLearning and direct instruction on a regular basis in the classroom, in the context of eLearning days to make up weather-related school cancellations, it provides an opportunity for teaching and learning to continue outside of the traditional classroom.

    After much research, discussion and planning, North Adams has applied up to five eLearning days this year. Although the possibility exists, with our relatively mild winter, that we may not actually see a single snow day, the first two weather-related cancellations moving forward will be announced as eLearning Days via our SchoolMessenger broadcasting system as well as normal radio, TV, and Facebook announcements.  Please check your student’s school website for more specific eLearning information and resources.                               

    We believe the use of a well-planned eLearning day can provide students with an opportunity for meaningful learning that is a continuation of classroom instruction. In this way, instructional time is maximized prior to high-stakes testing (ISTEP/ECA) administered in March through May, increasing student success.


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