Title I Program Overview

  • North Adams Community Schools offers Title I programs at Southeast Elementary School and Northwest Elementary School for students requiring remediation and/or intervention to achieve the basic components of grade-level reading skills utilizing scientifically research-based curriculum.

    Title I allows students to receive small-group and one-on-one instruction from a licensed and highly-qualified teacher who works to identify deficits, build skills and bridge reading, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and/or comprehension gaps that may exist. Title I instruction is in addition to and supplements the student's 90 minutes of general education, core classroom reading instruction provided by the grade-level teacher. 

    Title I instruction may take place during a student's regular school day or afterschool.

  • For further information regarding the Title I Program, please contact Tiffany Heine, Director of Learning at 260.724.7146 or via email at heinet@nadams.k12.in.us

Program Resources for Parents

Parents Are Teachers, Too!

  • Parents and guardians are equally important when it comes to the success of a child. You are your child's first teacher and your involvement at each phase is a critical component to their development throughout life. That is why we value parent involvement in our schools and we are committed our partnership together. We want to ensure that we are providing the resources and support necessary for you to see your child's growth, at home and in school.

    Below are some suggestions and tips for you to assist your child in their reading and literacy goals:


    Read with your child each and every day for 20 minutes to help strengthen reading skills and to build a lift-time love for reading.

    Take turns. You read a page and let your child read a page. You can enjoy the love of reading together.

    Read your child's favorite book over and over. Ask your child questions about the book and help them recall the things they learned while reading.