• North Adams Community Schools understands and appreciates the importance of providing education without disruption to the traditional, standard learning environment. In an effort to remain consistent during months or seasons during the school year when inclement weather may threaten the ability to conduct instruction inside of the traditional classroom setting, North Adams Community Schools has designed and adopted e-Learning Technology as an alternative replacement to classroom instruction in a digital environment.

    e-Learning is entirely digital. Students can access educational curriculum, resources, communicate with teachers, and submit assignments through technology applications utilized by our district, allowing teachers and students to conduct learning without deferring to cancellation/make-up days in the event of inclement weather.

    Our plan for e-Learning is executed differently at each building and grade-level; however, we do have some standard policies that apply to all of our buildings and students.

    1. The use of e-Learning Days will begin on October 1. No e-Learning Days will be applied prior to this date.

    2. e-Learning Days will not be utilized more than 5 times in a school year.

    3. e-Learning Days will not be applied in more than 2 consecutive days.

    Should weather require the district to cancel before the October 1 date, more than 5 times, or in 3 or more consecutive days, the district will then defer back to the standard weather cancellation plan and students will then follow the approved "Make-Up Day" schedule in place.


    e-Learning Days will be announced to students and parents by way of our district's School Messenger Broadcast System, standard radio, TV, Facebook and North Adams Community Schools website page announcements.

    Parents and students are asked to then report to the school websites where enrolled for further instructions, assignments, and curriculum. All e-Learning materials and instructions will be posted to the respective websites by 9:00 AM.


    IT support will be made available at the building and district level between 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM. Technical support contacts will be included in your student's building e-Learning Plan and instructions. Contacts may also be found here.  

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