About Us

  • North Adams Community Schools, which is located in northeast Indiana, is a premier public education school system for students in grades preschool-12. All students in grades preschool-12 are educated on one newly constructed/renovated campus. We are proud of not only representing a leading educational system in our community but also serving the area through outreach and civic responsibilities.

    At North Adams Community Schools, our mission is Good at Learning. Good at Life. To achieve excellence, we create a positive learning and working environment, where quality programs and daily modeling of citizenship inspires all students, staff and community members. From preschool through adulthood, each member of our learning community is provided opportunities to identify their individual gifts, as well as the support to develop these gifts. This unfaltering commitment to helping each member of its school family aspire to excellence makes North Adams Community the pride of the community and the choice of any seeking the best in education.

    We provide a variety of programs and services, including a comprehensive K-12 program for high ability students which offers content acceleration and enrichment, Advanced Placement courses in all core content areas, and through the partnership with Bellmont Early College, Ivy Tech Community College and Purdue University at Fort Wayne, and multiple opportunities for students to obtain dual high school/college credit.

    Our Bellmont Early College is a difference maker for many students. Many receive the equivalent number of credits to complete two years of undergrad and even earn an Associate Degree during their high school experience. Our highly qualified counselors work closely with students to ensure that credits are intentionally aligned with their post-secondary goals and are highly transferable upon graduation.

    We take pride in our vast range of Career and Technical Education opportunities available to students. Bellmont High School is a proud member of the Area 18 Career and Technical Education Cooperative and home to one of the largest selections of career and technical/vocational training education programs in the area.

    To achieve excellence, we believe students should be exposed to opportunities for them to explore their interests and excel in their talents. We offer highly-competitive extra-curricular activities and athletic programs, including state-bound sports teams, jazz and instrumental music opportunities, theatre and speech/debate teams, community education classes, and numerous co-curricular clubs and organizations.

    We believe technology plays an integral role in education. As a primary focus of educating learners in the 21st Century, all North Adams students in grades K-12 are equipped with 1:1 technology. Each student has access to an iPad or a laptop. A high-quality, valuable educational curriculum is integrated inside the classroom and at home through the application of technology.

    It is important to us that each member of our school community receives experiences that are equally valuable, inspiring and successful. We believe all students will succeed and achieve excellence. Every day, we are preparing our students for the path to success that meets their desires, interests and abilities. We are proud to support your student’s education.

    We welcome you to visit us and learn more about what makes North Adams Community Schools the right choice for your child to reach his or her educational excellence. For additional information, please contact us by phone at 260-724-7146. We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve your family.

    Listed below is a directory of North Adams Community School buildings. We invite you to get to know us, see the programs that we offer, and learn more about how North Adams is dedicated to helping students achieve excellence.

School Directory
  • Elementary School, serves grades PK-5
  • High School, serves grades 9-12
  • Middle School, serves grades 6-8

Bellmont Elementary School

Elementary School, serves grades PK-5
1200 North Adams Drive
Decatur, IN 46733

Bellmont High School

High School, serves grades 9-12
1000 North Adams Drive
Decatur, IN 46733

Bellmont Middle School

Middle School, serves grades 6-8
1200 North Adams Drive
Decatur, IN 46733
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