Our Mission

  • Good at Learning. Good at Life.

Our Core Values & Beliefs

    • All students are challenged to maximize their learning potential and achievement for lifelong success
    • High quality curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences are critical for academic achievement and student success
    • We value recruiting, developing and retaining qualified, effective personnel
    • A positive and constructive relationship between staff, family and community stakeholders is essential to providing the best educational opportunities and environment for our students
    • We believe in fiscally responsible decision-making
    • We value a safe, effective and efficient learning environment

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • The North Adams Community Schools Corporation serves residents of Decatur, Indiana and surrounding areas as a professional and responsible public preschool through 12 education system. North Adams Community Schools understands the importance of our role in the community to not only educate and inspire, but also to serve as a source to embellish pride in ourselves, our community, and our nation. 

    North Adams Community Schools recognizes the importance of engaging our body of students, parents and educators in an environment that actively shares the responsibility to demonstrate initiative for personal and educational growth, respect for all members of the school community, and the desire to excel in talents and abilities.

    As a district, we will remain focused on our mission to pursue and achieve excellence. We will ensure that we are continuously evaluating the growing needs of our society and adapting our educational programs, curriculum, and activities to reflect the standards in which it is necessary to prepare our students to succeed. We will promote excellence and remain committed to retaining highly-qualified educators and staff that uphold the philosophies to professionally identify, support, and promote all appropriate measures for students to acquire the skills necessary for academic and personal growth.

    We accept our responsibility to encourage students to adopt health and wellness practices in school and in life. North Adams Community Schools remains at the forefront of nationwide policies and practices that assist in educating and involving students in nutrition and exercise goals; and the district emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts with organizations and agencies that contribute to the ongoing efforts to improve our school community's health and wellness. Our partnerships include but are not limited to: Decatur Parks and Recreation, Winning with Wellness of Adams County, and the School Nutrition Association. 

    North Adams Community Schools further believes in the importance of maintaining healthy, safe learning environments. For the protection of our students and staff, we emphasize the need for careful and attentive security and request that all visitors in our building acknowledge their presence with building staff at all times. Our buildings and grounds will be maintained and manicured with the highest level of attention that can be given. As needs arise for enhanced learning environments, the district will evaluate and integrate structural and environmental changes necessary, within resource capacities.