• Welcome to Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice!

    The Law Enforcement Program at Bellmont is an introductory course into criminal justice career fields. Students may elect to participate in Criminal Justice I, two-semesters, and experience some of the real-life concerns of the justice system in and around Adams County. 

    Public Safety

    • Program of Study – Criminal Justice
      • Advanced Courses
        • Criminal Justice I (Ivy Tech CRIM 101)
        • Criminal Justice II (Ivy Tech CRIM 113)
      • Program of Study – Fire and Rescue
        • Advanced Courses
          • Fire and Rescue I (in Geneva/Area 18) (Ivy Tech HSPS 106/HSPS 121)
          • Fire and Rescue II (in Geneva/Area 18) (Ivy Tech HSPS 165/HSPS167)