Student Attendance Policies

  • North Adams School Corporation has approved an attendance policy that asks and expects parents to report a child’s absence to the school at the earliest possible time, but not later than one hour after the start of school on the next day school is in session following an absence. Failure to report an absence in this timeframe will result in the absence being recorded as unexcused.

    If the student is in school the following day without verbal or written verification of the absence, he/she may be considered truant for the previous day(s).

    Phone calls should be made each day during an extended illness unless otherwise arranged with the Assistant Principal. After three (3) consecutive days of illness a doctor’s confirmation will be required. Failure to provide documentation will result in recorded absences to unexcused status.

    When reporting an absence, medical appointment [doctor/dentist, etc.], or late arrival/early dismissal a 24-hour, 7-day a week automated attendant can be reached by calling 724-7121. After dialing, follow the instructions for leaving a message on the attendance line. Parents may also email the high school attendance secretary at Verification of the absence is the responsibility of the parents.

Classification of Attendance

  • Verified Absences

    A verified absence is an absence that has been reported to the school in a manner that meets the timeframe and stipulations as outlined at the start of the Student Attendance Policies section in the Bellmont High School Student Handbook.

PowerSchool Attendance Codes

Not Counted Toward Five-Day Limited Absence Policy

  • Students who have reached five (5) non-exempt absences per class period per semester will have reached the allowed number of absences that BHS students may miss without a penalty. Doctor appointments will count towards the Five (5) Day Limited Absence policy unless a physician has completed a Certificate of Incapacity that verifies the student should not be in school attendance.

    Consequences after 5th absence (per semester):
    6th Absence After-School Detention
    7th Absence Thursday-Night School
    8th Absence Thursday-Night School
    9th Absence 3-day ISS/Loss of driving privileges for semester
    10th Absence RISQ/Conference with administration and parent(s)


    For additional information regarding exempt absences, excused absences, unexcused absences, tardies, truancy, habitual absences, extended illnesses, or attendance appeals, please refer to the Attendance Policy section of the Bellmont High School Student Handbook.