• Pitch In Softball Renovation Project

  • The Bellmont High School softball facilty is undergoing a major facelift. "Pitch In" and support the girls' softball program! The "Pitch In" Renovation Project will improve the softball field grounds on the Bellmont High School campus and will include improvements to the dugouts, concession stand, press box, batting cages, storage and parking/grounds. The project is slated to begin September 2017 and will be completed in 3 phases. The final phase is planned for completion in March 2019.Donate Now - Pitch In Renovation Project You Can Help - Pitch In Project

  • buy a brick  

    Buy a Brick Campaign Help improve the overall apperance surrounding the softball field grounds by purchasing an engraved brick. The legacy of your contribution will last a lifetime and your support will pave the way for the future of Bellmont Softball! Click to access our "Pitch In with Pavers" Campaign Order Form or pick up an order form at the Adams County Community Foundation. All forms and payment may be returned to Bellmont High School, Attn: Sandy Busick 1000 N. Adams Drive, Decatur, Indiana 46733 or the Adams County Community Foundation at the address shown below under "Contributions." 

  • Buy a Hit Graphic buy a hit graphic

    Score a run for Bellmont Softball! Individuals and businesses have the option to "Buy a Hit" sign. A sign in the shape of a diamond will be displayed behind the press box. Spectators and passerbys will see your sign proudly displaying your support of the girls softball program and renovation project. The sign will hang for 4 years. Individuals/businesses interested in purchasing a sign may do so by contacting Coach Busick at Bellmontsoftball@gmail.com. Here is how you can bat a run in for Bellmont High School Softball:

    Hit a Single: $250 (purchased)  |   Hit a Double: $500 (purchased)   |     Hit a Triple: $1,000 (purchased)   |   Hit a Homerun: $2,000 (purchased)

  • buy an advertising sign graphic

    Field Advertising Field advertising will be sold on a first come-first serve basis. Advertising opportunities are available for [1] Left Field Foul Pole, [1] Right Field Foul Pole, [2] Batting Cage Signs. Signage will be displayed for 4+ years. Cost for advertising sign sponsorships are $2,500  (purchased). Businesses wishing to sponsor the softball renovation project through an advertising sign may do so by contacting Sandy Busick at 260-724-7121 or via email at Bellmontsoftball@gmail.com.

  • buy a building  


    Buildings are available for sponsorship on a first come-first serve basis. Individuals/businesses that wish to purchase a building sponsorship will be recognized on a plaque that will be Bellmontsoftball@gmail.com. Below are the options for available building sponsorship:  

    Home Dugout: $7,000 (purchased)   |   Away Dugout: $2,000   |   Concession Stand: $5,000   |   Press Box: $5,000

  • buy a scoreboard

    buy a scoreboard

    Improve the look of the Bellmont High School softball facility by sponsoring a new scoreboard. A sign recognizing your sponsorship will be displayed on the scoreboard for 10+ years. The cost for sponsorship is $7,000 (purchased). To sponsor a new scoreboard, please contact Sandy Busick at 724-7121 or via email at Bellmontsoftball@gmail.com. 

  • buy a batting cage buy a batting cage

    Individuals interested in sponsoring a batting cage will be recognized with a large personalize advertising sign that will be displayed for 10+ years. The cost for sponsoring a batting cage is $10,000 (purchased). Individuals/businesses interested in sponsoring a batting cage may do so by contacting Coach Sandy Busick at Bellmontsoftball@gmail.com. 

  • the renovation timeline

  • Phase 1

    Phase 1 is scheduled for September 2017-March 2018. The plans include a rebuild of the dugouts, moving the fence-line in front of the dugout, adding additional storage, refinishing the concession stand and press box, installing double batting cages and replacing the scoreboard.

  • phase 2

    Phase 2 is scheduled for June 2018-March 2019. The plans include adding a home team bullpen, replacing/painting the fencing around the softball field, adding fencing near the parking lot to restrict gate entry, adding concrete and engraved pavers, improving landscaping around the softball diamond and replacing protective screens. 

  • phase 3

    Phase 3 is scheduled after March 2019. The plan includes adding additional seating for spectators around the perimeter of the backstop fencing. Additional seating will help promote opportunities for increased attendance during home softball events being held at Bellmont High School. 

  • About Contributions

    All contributions are tax-deductible through the Adams County Community Foundation.

    Contributions will be accepted via check or credit. Please make checks payable to: ACCF - NA Softball. Checks may be mailed or dropped of at Adams County Community Foundation, 102 N. 2nd Street, Decatur, Indiana 46733.  

    Adams County Community Foundation Hours of Operation:

    Mon-Thur: 8 AM -4 PM , Fri: 8 AM - 1 PM

    To donate to the "Pitch In" Renovation Project via credit or debit card, please click on the "Donate Now" button above or below and you will be directed to the Adams County Community Foundation website to make a donation to the project. On the ACCF webpage, sponsors are asked to choose "Other" under Program and type in NA Softball in the text box. 

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  • questions

    For additional information or to become a sponsor, contact Coach Sandy Busick at 260-724-7121 or via email at Bellmontsoftball@gmail.com.