Registering a Returning Student

  • In order to be viewed as a Returning Student, he\she must have ended the previous year at North Adams Community Schools.  If your student was at North Adams Community Schools in the past but was not here at the end of the previous school year, he\she is viewed as a "New Student;" please follow the link for new student registration, as such. 

    If your student is a Returning Student, please:

    • Follow this link to sign into your PowerSchool Parent Portal 
    • In PowerSchool, click "Returning Student Registration" (left side of the screen, towards the bottom) to start the registration process. This link will be active in July.

    * Please do this for all students associated with your PowerSchool Parent Account.

    NOTE: If you have an existing Parent account and you do not remember your password, please email Jeannie Smith at or call 260-724-7121, option 4.  A reply will be sent within 48 hours.