Opportunities for Students

  • Serve as an Indiana Statehouse Page:
    -          Spend a day at the Statehouse working with your senator and Senate staff in the Indiana General Assembly
    -          See lawmakers introduce bills, debate and vote on important issues
    -          Submit a request ASAP in a letter or email with the following information:
                           o   Name (as you would like it to appear on a certificate
                           o   Address
                           o   Home Telephone Number
                           o   Age
                           o   School

    Friends wanting to page on the same day should submit their requests together. 

    Requests to serve as an Indiana Statehouse Page may send their requests to:
    State Sen. Travis Holdman
    Indiana Senate
    200 W. Washington St.
    Indianapolis, IN  46204 

    Interested in IU:  There are opportunities to be a research scholar.  IU Bloomington will evaluate your transcript and application to determined whether you are eligible for scholarships for undergraduate study and research.  There is more information available in guidance.