Bullying Prevention Program

  • Bullying Prevention Program

    All schools deal with the issue of bullying. Bellmont Middle School is taking proactive steps to stop and prevent bullying by adopting the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. This research-based schoolwide “systems-change” program has been used successfully in schools all over the country and around the world with positive results.

    This program is not a curriculum that students participate in for only a few weeks. Rather, it is a coordinated effort by all adults in the school to supervise and intervene when any bullying happens. As part of the program, students participate in weekly class meetings to learn about the effects of bullying, what they can do about it, and how they can work with adults at school to put a stop to it even as bystanders. 

    Scott Miller, BMS Principal said, “This type of program is about changing the whole school climate to make it a safer, more positive place to learn. One change that many schools have noticed after using this program for a year or two is that students actually like school better. It makes sense- it’s hard to learn if you’re afraid or if other students are mean to you.”

    Implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is a long-term commitment to making Bellmont Middle School a safer, more positive place to be.

    For more information about the program and ways to become involved, contact Christina McKay or Jeff Schroeder, OBP Program Coordinators.

    Dear Parents,

    Our school cares about the safety and well being of our students. We want to make sure our school is a good place to learn. To do this we are going to be using a program called the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

    The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) is one of the best-known bullying prevention programs. OBPP has been proven to reduce bullying. The goals of OBPP are to reduce bullying problems and prevent new bullying problems from happening. The program also works to make relationships better among students. The program is for all students, not just those who are being bullied or who are bullying others. 

    Parents play a key role in this program. Your child will be asked to tell an adult at school and at home if he or she is bullied or sees bullying happening at school. It will be very important that you take bullying very seriously and tell our school staff. Our school members are being trained to deal with bullying situations when we are told about them. We will also be sending home parent information about the program, and we encourage you to review this as you get them.

    Bullying should not be seen as “kids being kids” or something students just need to deal with. Having a safe school experience is something that all students should be able to enjoy. If you have any questions about the program, please call your child’s teacher or me. 


    Scott Miller

     BMS Principal

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