Open Enrollment 2021

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    *Don't forget to upload important documents in Benelogic. The system will indicate whether you need to do this or not. If you need assistance with completing this, please contact Kelli Braun at 

    For additional information, download OE Instructions for a step-by-step instructions. 

Quick Enroll & Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Option for Quick Enroll or Step-by-Step

    Quick Enroll:

    If an employee is not intending to make a change and just needs to verify their benefits and covered dependents are correct, they will click the "Quick Enroll" button. If during verfication, they choose to make a change, the system will allow it by clicking on the edit pencil. 


    This feature will walk the employee through the benfit election wizard, similar to how they enrolled during the initial eligibility. They will be able to review, elect or change their benefits one at a time. 

    There is a (?) question system on the log in page and that will open a help page. It will also allow the member to view a video, guiding them through the Benelogic process. 

Special Eligibility Requirements for Spouses

  • Spouses who are eligible for another employer-sponsored medical plan, retiree group or disability medical plan must take that coverage on an individual basis as primary insurance in order to be covered with the SEBT Plan for secondary insurance, unless the spouse meets one of the criteria below. 

    In order for the spouses to enroll in the SEBT Plan for primary medical coverage, they must meet one of the following criteria:

    • The spouse is also eligible for the SEBT Plan through his/her participating school
    • The spouse is not eligible for an employer-sponsored or retiree medical plan
    • The other coverage would cost the spouse more than 60 percent of the total premium for single coverage
    • Premium does NOT include spousal incentives or other such additional compensation, etc. forfeited upon enrollment in their own plan

    Note: If you are on the NWD Plan and your spouse has a High Deducatible Plan with a Health Savings Account [HSA] attached, and the spouse or their employer contributes funds to the HSA, the spouse is not eligible to be on your plan as primary or secondary due to IRS regulations.