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Healthy Families

Adams County Healthy Families

Adams County Healthy Families is part of the larger initiative of Healthy Families Indiana and Healthy Families America.

Healthy Families is a voluntary service designed to promote healthy prenatal and child development through a variety of services including:

  • Parent Education
  • Family Support
  • Access to Health Care

Our Mission

The mission of Adams County Healthy Families is to promote positive and nurturing environments that optimize child growth and development and encourage resilient, healthy families.

Participation Eligibility

  • All Adams County parents of newborns
  • All Adams County expectant parents
  • Expectant and parenting teens who live in Adams County

Our Services

  • Begin services prenatally or postnatally continuing up to age three
  • Provide services tailored to individual family needs and goals
  • Connect families to appropriate community resources and services
  • Offer trained family support specialist to provide home-based parenting education and family support
  • Provide child development information and developmental screenings