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Pesticide Notification Registry

By whatever means necessary, as determined by school corporation administration, North Adams Community Schools will provide advanced notice of the planned pesticide application to all individuals listed on the Pesticide Notification Registry. Commons notification methods include, telephone notification, email notification, letter notification, and in necessary circumstances, notification will be posted via our website. The pesticide notice to those on the registry will be provided at least forty-eight [48] hours in advance of the planned pesticide application at the school unless the pesticide application is declared an emergency. [In the case of an emergency pesticide application, because of immediate threat to public health, the school shall give written notice as soon as possible.] 

For planned pesticide applications, the school shall include the following information in the advanced notice: 

  1. The name and/or address of the school
  2. The licensed commerical applicator responsible for the application, including the following:
    1. Name
    2. License number
    3. Telephone number
    4. Designee for information about the pesticide application, if different than the applicator
  3. The anticipated date and time of the application
  4. The principal target pest
  5. A description of the application area
  6. The pesticide or pesticides to be applied, including the following: 
    1. The name of the manufacturer
    2. The United States Environmental Protection Agency registration number
    3. The brand name
  7. And, if forty-eight hours notice is not given, an explanation as to why it was not provided. 
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*Certain conditions may NOT require the school corporation to notify those listed on the Pesticide Notification Registry. For a list of those conditions or for questions regarding our Pest Control/Pesticide Application Safety Policy, please contact:
            Mr. Larry Carty, Director of Facility and Grounds
            625 Stadium Drive, Decatur, Indiana 46733
            260-724-7146 ext. 2176