Become a Volunteer

  • We are all teachers.

    Teaching never stops. Every minute, every day; we are modeling and inspiring youth - our future generations of compassion, humility, courage, values and leadership - and making a difference in the lives that we reach. Parents, our Adams County citizens, staff and volunteers - we are all teachers. We teach and lead by example, molding and shaping a world that believes in achieving excellence together, in unity.

    We give so that our communities, nation and world may receive... that they may receive the gift of those who exit North Adams Community Schools prepared to excel in their careers, philanthropy, future education; whatever their heart is calling them to achieve: the extraordinary. 


    Types of Volunteerism:

    1. Volunteers who are requested by staff to assist with a special event [i.e.: field trips, music programs, classroom parties, etc.]
    2. Parents who drop in to observe or visit their child's classroom or during lunch
    3. Volunteers who are asked by staff to share their expertise with students [i.e.: specialized occupation demonstration, craftsperson, a community resource person, etc.]
    4. Volunteers who are asked to help support classroom instruction


    Please follow through to the information that we have included in our Volunteer Overview Information section for general information and guidelines on volunteering within North Adams Community Schools.

Share Your Talents!

  • Whether you wish to volunteer to chaperone field trips or provide regular visits to a classroom or building, your talents and desire to volunteer are impactful and we welcome your giving. Contact us to learn how you can help make a difference at 260.724.7146 or via email at


    When you read to your child, you're inspiring endless possibilities and dreams that reach far beyond the borders of imagination. Join us and inspire future generations of learners, dreamers, believers; achievers.

    Achieving excellence together.