Transportation Services & Changes for the 2019-2020 SY

  • Parents/Guardians, 

    Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, families and students will see a change to our North Adams Community Schools Transportation System. With our focus being on continuing to provide safe, high-quality transportation services to the students in our community, we have built a plan to accommodate the needs of our district within the confines of our departmental capacities.

    To help prepare you for those changes, we have outlined the transportation department services that will be available below. We have broken our district down into three transportation zones: 

    1. A Proximity Zone: a 1/2 mile radius on the east side of the St. Mary's River where no bus services will be provided.

    2. A Group Transit (Pick-Up/Drop-Off) Zone: the area within city limits where riders will be picked up at established pick-up/drop-off locations arounds town.

    3. Rural/Country Zone (Route): the area outside of city limits and within the North Adams Community Schools district.

    In an effort to provide clarification as to how your student-rider may be affected by the changes to our transportation services and/or prepare for the upcoming year, below you will find a description of the zones, maps that outline zones and coverage, and a document containing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your review.

    We hope this information helps you prepare for the changes in advance. Should you have any questions regarding this information, please contact our transportation supervisor, Vicki Girard, at 260-724-7146 ext. 2181. 

    We appreciate your understanding during this time and look forward to serving your transportation needs.

    View our Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1/2-Mile Proximity Zone

  • Residents living within a 1/2-mile radius on the east side of the St. Mary’s River will be considered to reside in the Proximity Zone. Inside of the Proximity Zone, no North Adams Community School transportation will be provided. A map of the Proximity Zone is included in the link below and the half-mile Proximity Zone radius identified by red diagonal lines.

    You may preview a map of the Proximity Zone here.

    Proximity Zone Map

Group Transit Zone

  • Student riders that reside within city limits (and outside of the Proximity Zone) will transition to Group Pick-Up/Drop-Off Zones for North Adams transportation to and from school. Nineteen Group Pick-Up/Drop-Off Zones have been established on the west side of the St. Mary’s River where students may be picked up and/or dropped off during ridership.

    The following locations have been identified as locations where students may access North Adams transportation: Decatur City Swimming Pool, Northwest Elementary School, Eagle Glen Ct. in Cross Creek, Canterbury at Berkley Ct., Washington at 11th Street, Zion School, St. Mark's Church, Monroe at 17th Street, Waterbury, Pine Crossing, St. Joseph School, Adams Street at Krueckeberg Auction, Water Tower on Line Street, Southeast School, Homestead, Church of God, Mercer at Parkview Dr. [south], Mercer at Parkview Dr. [north], Boys & Girls Club.  

    To view a map of Group Pick-Up/Drop-Off locations, please refer to the map below. The locations are indicated by way of a yellow highlighted circle on the full-view map. The map was further categorized by “bus zones” as indicated by the colors Green, Red and Blue. The pick-up times and locations within each color-coded zone are shown in the table below (or download a bus schedule here):

     Group Pick Up Zone Bus Schedule   Group Pick Up Zone Bus Schedule 2  

    Group Pick Up Zone   Group Pick Up Locations

    [Download and view a Group Pick-Up/Drop-off Map here.]

Rural/Country Route

  • Rural/country routes are available for students that reside outside of city limits and within the North Adams Community Schools district. Transportation services will be unchanged, however, pick-up and drop-off times may be slightly different than years past. Bus drivers responsible for country/rural routes will contact parents prior to the start of the school year to provide information regarding their child's Bus Driver, Bus Number, and Approximate Pick-Up/Drop-Off Times. [Please be advised that parents of student riders that reside within country/rural routes will be notified close to the start of the upcoming school year.]

    Below is a table that includes a list of our Rural Route Bus Drivers along with their contact information. Drivers will contact families with approximate pick-up/drop-off times by August 1, 2019. If you do not receive a phone call from your child's bus driver, please contact the driver assigned to your pick up zone. The zones are color coordinated and marked on the attached route map. 

    Rural Route Bus Driver Contact List

     Rural Zone Map

    [Download and view a Map of the Rural Transportation Zone.]