• We Are Forever Braves

    The Forever Braves Alumni Nation is a strong community of past students of Bellmont High School who exhibit a faithful and limitless ray of pride, spirit and passion for school tradition. There are many ways for you to remain involved. We encourage you to use this alumni directory to promote strong, unending connections with your fellow alumni Braves that are fervorously leading and paving a path for future generations.

    Our Forever Braves Nation is meant to serve as a connection tool between you and those whom you've shared some of the greatest experiences in life with. Join or search our alumni database and start connecting today!

    These are some ways to stay involved:

    • Class Reunions
    • Alumni Volunteer Events
    • Alumni Athletic and Interscholastic Ceremonies, Reunions, Contests, Nominations and Awards
    • Alumni Hall of Fame Inductions
    • Remain connected with Bellmont High School and your school community
    • and much more!


  • Join us!

    To begin, please complete our Alumni Directory Form Online or email our school and community relations officer at pr@nadams.k12.in.us and provide the following information:

    • First and Last Name [include maiden name, if applicable]
    • Graduation Year
    • Email Address
    • Current Location [Address, City, State]
    • Phone Number
    • Spouse's Name
    • Social Media Profile/Handles
    • Occupation, Employer
    • College/University Attending/Graduated
    • Major
    • Any other information you'd like to share


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  • [This alumni database is not sold to anyone. It is used only for the purpose of connecting and reconnecting with other Bellmont High School graduates.]