Make a Dream Come True

  • North Adams Community Schools is proud to offer some of the most comprehensive preschool and K-12 programs in the area. From developing early social, literacy, and cognitive skills to mastering rigorous curriculum, career readiness, and preparing for post-secondary education, our district offers the most expansive and cohesive blend of developmental building blocks that ensure that all students succeed. 

    With the significant and increasing reduction in school funding, the need to support our children and schools is growing every day. With community support, North Adams Community Schools can continue to confidently invest in the education of our generation and future generations, expand programs and educational opportunities to students, and provide the security that the educational services that our students receive will not be impacted.

    Join us in shaping our future and educating our community. Your donation may be applied toward The Bellmont Early College Program, preschool and afterschool programs, career and vocational training, remedial and enrichment programs, classrooms, and curriculum, as well as athletic programs and athletic complex upgrade needs. Your donations may be applied to a designated fund or applied toward current district enhancement initiatives.

    Please consider choosing North Adams Community Schools to receive your gift and leave A Brave Legacy for years to come.

    To learn more about how you can support the children and future children of North Adams, contact