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    Below you will notice that we have included some helpful information on how to best utilize many of the robust features of our website. If at any time, we can be of assistance to you, we welcome you to contact our director of community and school relations at 260.724.7146 or via email at pr@nadams.k12.in.us. We have also included a helpful "Contact Us" form for your convenience, as well.

    To learn more about North Adams Community Schools, we invite you to begin here, at About Us.

Account Registration

  • We invite you to register for a user account! Simply,

    1: Select "User Options" from the upper right hand corner of the website

    2: From the dropdown menu, select "Register"

    3: Enter your valid date of birth and select "Submit"

    4: Create a User Name and Password, and enter your valid email address

    Once you've created an account, Sign In each time you visit our site for additional information and alerts predesigned for you!  

Using the PassKey Feature

  • The PassKeys feature allows registered users to "Sign In" to the North Adams Community Schools website and assign frequently used websites to the users profile where website application user names and passwords are stored for a "Single Sign On" function. Register users can customize their PassKey account to preference sites such as PowerSchool, Office 365, Canvas, etc. and avoid logging into to each individual site, independently. It's all done through the PassKey feature. Once your profile is established, login to the website and access any site that requires credentials easily! Here's how:

    Add a PassKey:

    1: Sign In to the North Adams Community Schools website from the "User Options" menu in the upper right hand corner. [If you are not a registered user, please register for an account first.]

    2: Locate the "My PassKeys" link in the upper right hand corner of the website.

    3: Select the "Add New PassKey" icon.

    4: Check each of the PassKeys you wish to add. Each checkbox will turn green.

    5: Select "Add PassKeys."


    Use a PassKey:

    Once the North Adams Community Schools Site Administrator has established your PassKeys, they are available for use.

    1: Sign In to the North Adams Community Schools website.

    2: Locate and select the "My PassKeys" link.

    3: Select a PassKey icon that you would like to open [i.e.: PowerSchool]

    4: Enter your Login ID/User Name and Password for the application or website.

    The first time that you login, users are required to sign in using your typical credentials. Subsequent PassKey uses will store your login credentials and you will automatically be signed into the application or website.


    Manage the PassKey Feature:

    1: Sign In to the North Adams Community Schools website.

    2: From the "User Options" menu, select "My Account" or "Edit Account Settings."

    3: Select "PassKey Accounts."

    Users may remove and edit PassKey accounts associated with your profile at any time.

Receive E-Alert Notifications

  • E-Alerts are messages sent to you by staff at North Adams Community Schools. There are two types of e-alerts: Broadcast E-Alerts and Content E-Alerts.

    Broadcast E-Alerts typically contain information such as newsletters, emergency closings, cancellations, meeting notices, etc.

    Content E-Alerts allow registered users to receive email or text notifications that a particular portion of the website has been updated with new content. For example, if you are particularly interested in receiving District News or Calendar Updates, you may select these sections to be notified when an update has been made. The email contains a link directing to you to the section that has been modified.

    To Receive E-Alerts:

    1: Sign In to the North Adams Community Schools website.

    2: Select "My Account."

    3: Choose "Edit Account Settings."

    4: Click on "E-Alert Settings" on the left hand side of the general user profile page.

    5: Enter your ten-digit mobile number and select your mobile provider from the drop down menu.

    6: If you wish to only receive mobile Broadcast E-Alerts that are flagged as Emergency, select "Yes" for high priority alerts. For all other alerts, select "No."

    7: Select "Save Changes."

    8: Optional: Add Third Party Alerts by selecting Amber Alerts and/or Severe Weather Alerts.

E-Alert Content Subscriptions

  • Content E-Alerts are managed under the "Subscriptions" tab inside the general profile page. To receive Content E-Alerts, you must first subscribe to areas of interest on the website. When North Adams Community Schools modifies or edits content within your selected area, a Content E-Alert will be delivered to you via email, noting that the website has been updated. You will receive a friendly navigation link that will direct you to the subscribed area of interest.

    Managing Your Content E-Alert Subscriptions:

    1: Sign In to the North Adams Community Schools website.

    2: From the "User Options" menu, select "My Account" and "Edit Account Settings."

    3: Select "Subscriptions" from the left column.

    4: Choose "Manage Subscriptions."

    5: From the "Homepages and Calendars" tab, activate the check boxes that you wish to subscribe to.

    6: Next, choose "Other Areas of Interest." Browse through all of the areas or filter by district/school site, channel bar options, or enter a search string. Select the check box to select the content area.

    7: Click "I'm Done" to select subscription areas that you are interested in receiving e-alert notifications for.

    To unsubscribe at any time, you may manage your subscriptions in the same account settings portion of the site. Select "Remove" to unsubsribe.

Using Connected Services

  • Connected Services allows users to connect to services such as Nimbus or Synergy and link them to the North Adams Community Schools website, Information, such as messages, can be pulled from the service and displayed in "My View."