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Types of Volunteerism:

  1. Volunteers who are requested by staff to assist with a special event [i.e.: field trips, music programs, classroom parties, etc.]
  2. Parents who drop in to observe or visit their child's classroom or during lunch
  3. Volunteers who are asked by staff to share their expertise with students [i.e.: specialized occupation demonstration, craftsperson, a community resource person, etc.]
  4. Volunteers who are asked to help support classroom instruction

Whether you wish to volunteer to chaperone field trips or provide regular visits to a classroom or building, your talents and desire to volunteer are impactful and we welcome your giving. Contact us to learn how you can help make a difference at 260-724-7146 or via email at

Volunteer Program Overview

Welcome and thank you for your interest in volunteering at North Adams Community Schools (NACS). Our Bellmont staff appreciates your generous gift of time to help our children learn.

Volunteers are a vital part of North Adams Community Schools. School volunteers enhance the quality of our children's educational experiences by:

  • Reinforcing skills taught by teachers
  • Giving students individual attention
  • Helping students develop confidence and acceptance
  • Preparing students to be engaged citizens

As an approved volunteer, your experience will be rewarding. You will serve as a role model and students will look up to your example.

We ask that you serve at the discretion of the local school system. You are expected to operate within the boundaries of North Adams Community School Board of Education Policies. There is a bit of paperwork to help you begin your experience volunteering with our students and school buildings. Please note that the information we have included below is as much for your safety as it is for the safety of our students.

We look forward to seeing you in our schools!

We ask for your commitment to us:

The education of children is enhanced through effective parental and community involvement as well as positive engagement. The North Adams staff aims to maximize learning opportunities for all children by creating a mutually respectful environment for students, teachers, parents, community members and volunteers to work in.

To ensure that both parties find this to be a rewarding experience, we have a few guidelines and expectations as well as some information to share with you so that everyone receives the highest level of support through the volunteer process. Please read through the information carefully to ensure that we have answered all your questions and are meeting your expectations for understanding your role and responsibilities as a volunteer at North Adams Community Schools.

Volunteer Guidelines

1. The principal must be informed of all volunteers working in the building.

2. All volunteers must have a background/criminal history check and the report filed with the principal. [Limited background checks are offered free of charge for all individuals interested in volunteering at North Adams Community Schools. Background Checks are to be completed through the NACS Administration Office in order to have any expenses involved waived.]

3. All visitors, including volunteers, are asked to sign-in at the office upon entering the school.

4. Some volunteers may have limited access to equipment and technology, only in the presence of and under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher.

5. Volunteers should never:

  • contact parents regarding the performance or behavior of students
  • establish instructional objectives
  • administer or determine student punishment
  • assume the responsibility of an entire class

6. All volunteers are asked to wear a “volunteer” name badge. This is done to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

7. Maintain a current Volunteer Application on file for each school year that you intend to volunteer.