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Welcome to Northwest Elementary!

  • We are a community that provides a safe and nurturing environment for all students to grow socially, intellectually, and emotionally so that they may become a productive member of society.

    Our motto is: We Will Succeed, Without Excuses, Without Exception. We believe this statement to be true for all of our students and our team is dedicated to instilling the same belief and confidence in our students, every day.

    At Northwest, we emphasize the importance of parents/guardians and our building staff working together to build positive relationships that will assist students in their journey and help them excel in their education.

    Together, our parents and team work to support students in further developing sound personal, ethical, and moral character, and do so by encouraging and promoting a safe environment built on creating a positive attitude toward learning, a mutual respect for one another and our building, as well as the members of our school community.

    We seek to help students understand and appreciate the diverse and multicultural nature of the society and world that we live in and help students to develop a sense of belonging. We learn to be sincere and compassionate.

    Our students are capable of achieving greatness; some of highest accomplishments. There are no limits; therefore, we set high expectations for student achievement and create an environment where students assume responsibility for their own learning and desire to excel. 

    On behalf of Northwest Elementary, we welcome you to our website. We hope you find it informative and beneficial. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.


    Building A Stronger Community, One Student at a Time,

    Keith Dicke, principal


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