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Advertise With Us!

Attention Businesses: Advertise with Us! 
Bellmont High School is proud to announce that we have partnered with Slam Dunk Sports Marketing to acquire a NEW Digital Display for our High School Gymnasium! We are offering Advertising Sponsorships to make this endeavor possible. 
If your company or organization is interested in supporting/advertising, please call our partners at Slam Dunk Sports Marketing at 1-877-811-7208 ext 14 or email:
The Sponsorship Opportunities are: pricing is TOTAL, not per-year!
Gold:  (1) Digital Advertisement
       2 years:  $1200
       3 years:  $1500
       5 years:  $2000
Platinum**: (2) Digital Advertisements (2 Available)
       5 years: $2500
Platinum Sponsorship includes a 6’W x 2’H static advertising panel in Gymnasium (per rendering)!
Title Sponsor*: (3) Digital Advertisements (1 Available)
        5 years: $4000 
Title Sponsorship includes a 50.5”W x 2’H static advertising panel below the Digital Signage Display! 

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