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8th Grade Earns Gold Star Heroes Award!

Bellmont, YOU ARE AMAZING!! 
During the month of February, our middle school and elementary school students held a fundraiser to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Nearly $5,000 was raised with Mrs. Chelli Smith's 8th Grade SRT class collecting over $400 to contribute to the cause, making them our Gold Star Heroes.
Mrs. Smith shared her glowing pride for her students stating, "Every single one of my students participated in this fundraiser. Many of them would bring in money for our theme days such as "Bring in $1 to wear a hat day," and they would hand me a $5 bill and say 'keep the change.'" Mrs. Smith added, "I am so, so proud of our students' generosity. In times, such these, with COVID, for our students to outraise any amount we have in the past just shows how amazing our students and community is. I can't tell you enough how proud of them that I am!"
This year, our elementary and middle school students raised the most in our school history for this annual fundraiser. We can't shout it loud enough! We are so proud of our students for being such outstanding members of our community, representing Bellmont with GREATNESS and being so incredibly generous. We can't hide our Bellmont Pride!