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Personal Finance Curriculum Sponsorship

Tuesday night, Mr. Thomas Russell and Mr. Edward Puglise of Ameriprise Financial-Acuitas Financial Group presented a donation in the amount of $4,587.50 to Mrs. Robin Egly and Mrs. Kim Hiatt at the North Adams School Board Meeting to support Mrs. Egly's Personal Finance course.

Mrs. Egly teaches Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance [high school edition]. Mr. Russell and Mr. Puglise's generous donation ensures that our students have access to a proven curriculum that engages and prepares students for personal finance and adulthood, including the following topics for financial success:
💰 Introduction to Personal Finance
💰 Saving
💰 Budgeting
💰 Debt
💰 Life After High School
💰 Consumer Awareness
💰 Bargain Shopping
💰 Investing and Retirement
💰 Insurance
💰 Money and Relationships
💰 Careers and Taxes
💰 Giving
💰 Global Economics

Mr. Russell and Mr. Puglise are Financial Advisors and Managing Partners at Acuitas Financial Group and have an office here in Decatur, on Court St. Mr. Russell has personal ties to education and sees sponsoring this program as opportunity to combine his passion for finance and appreciation while Mr. Puglise has taught multiple financial courses, including Dave Ramsey, making the sponsorship of this program a natural fit.

We give our deepest appreciation to Mr. Russell and Mr. Puglise for their support of this program and helping to educate our young adult Hoosier on financial literacy.