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School Calendar Changes (2021-22 SY)

North Adams has A LOT of exciting initiatives going on this year at all grade levels. 

  • Training on and implementing two reading programs in the elementary
  • Training on and implementing new math curriculum in grades K-8
  • Teaching and incentivizing school-wide positive behavior expectations K-12
  • Developing curriculum pacing guides K-12
  • Preparing for the SAT to become the graduation qualifying exam 9-12
  • Revamping our vocational programs to meet the new career pathways 9-12
  • Supporting students with different needs K-12

We love the opportunities these initiatives bring to our students, but they are a lot of work for staff who don’t often have a lot of time to ask questions, collaborate, or receive training on some of these topics.  To try to provide a few times a year to staff to work intensively on these initiatives, North Adams applied over the summer for a special waiver from the State for staff PD days. 

We just received word that our application was approved.  As such, we will be having staff professional development days on:

  • September 29th,
  • November 17th, and
  • February 2nd

As part of the waiver, these days do NOT need to be made up or have eLearning provided. If you have a high school student who wishes to go to their CTE course at another school, they may go if they wish with their own transportation, but are not required to. Athletics will be a go; however, no meals will be served on Waiver Days.

Thank you for your continued support.