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Traffic Update Beginning Thursday, Sept. 6th

Beginning on Thursday, September 6th, traffic at the Bellmont High School/Middle School campus will be changing. The traffic lane in front of the high school (North Adams Drive) turns into two-way traffic. (No access will be available on the drive in front of the football stadium.) 

It is important to remember, there will be no drop off or pick up and parking along the drive (as traffic will be moving in two directions). Handicap parking spaces will be available in the parking lot. 

High school pick up and drop off will still continue to occur at the high school art wing (Door E1) or you may continue to park in the parking lot for pick up and drop off. 

This plan will continue for several weeks as construction continues. 

We invite you to watch this short video for an outline of how to navigate through our campus or view the map below for traffic patterns. 



BHS & BMS Traffic Patterns beginning 9/6/18