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Traffic Update Beginning Mon., Oct. 1


Beginning on Monday, October 1, North Adams Drive in front of the high school will be closed. The drive that runs in front of the football stadium will be open and will change to two-way traffic. Please note that this phase of the project will run through much of the fall.

Below are a few highlights of the planned site changes: 
1. Watch for announcements as to the timeline for the change. 
2. The road in front of the school will close. The road behind the stadium will become two-way.
3. The southern 1/3 of the baseball lot will be taken as they change out more pipeline.
4. More students will have to park in the Band Lot as more of the Pool Lot will be used for construction traffic and staging. In fact, the area just in front of the flag pole will be only for contractors. So, some staff parking will be pushed into the Pool Lot. 
5. Those parking in the Band Lot will be able to enter through the Band OR Art doors. The Front Office will NOT be accessible from this point as the Honey Locust trees along the theater wall and much of the concrete will be removed in the front of the school.
6. The excavators will be fencing off a walkway (shown in green with hashmarks) for people from the Baseball and Pool lots to get to the gym and Radio/TV doors.

Should you have any questions regarding the changes, please contact the high school for information.

Map Renovation 10-1-2018