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8th Grades Raises Money for St. Judes

Ben Fawbush's eighth grade class at Bellmont Middle School, once again, raised money for Childhood Cancer Awareness by recognizing the annual "No Shave November" movement.

“For the past few years, Mr. Fawbush has joined the ‘No Shave November’ movement (or as some refer to it, Movember) as a way of encouraging his students to raise funds for the battle against childhood cancer,” stated Leah Thompson, communications manager for North Adams Community Schools. “It is also his way of bringing honor and remembrance to former students of North Adams that have battled the disease, all while teaching his students compassion and empathy for others, a characteristic we wish to teach all of our students during their educational experience here.”    

Collectively, the eighth grade students raised $1,000! The money raised will be donated to St Jude Children's Research Hospital in February. 

“Hannah Inniger raised the most money out of all the 8th grade classes,” Fawbush stated. “As a reward, she was given the opportunity to shave any design(s) into my beard or hair.” To "up the ante," Mr. Fawbush willingly wore the design(s) shaved into his hair and beard by Hannah for 2 days. “The idea that the students can make me look as silly or goofy as they want for 2 days gives the kids more ambition to raise funds which in turn benefits St. Jude's! It’s a win-win.” 

“Thanks to Mr. Fawbush for being a good sport in the battle against childhood cancer,” concluded Thompson. “We are grateful for your participation!”