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Giving Thanks for Friendship

Linda Wellman's first grade class from Southeast Elementary celebrated the many reasons to give thanks with their friends at Woodcrest Nursing Home.

“More than 20 first grade students filled the activity hall of Woodcrest Nursing Home dressed in handmade Pilgrim and Native American Indian costumes to, once again, visit their very special friends,” shared Leah Thompson, communications manager for North Adams Community Schools. “The students prepared for their visit by learning the history of the Thanksgiving celebration in class, and by decorating costumes to resemble the historical Pilgrim and Native American Indians that could be worn during their visit.”

To begin the visit, the students shared facts that they had been learning regarding the history of Thanksgiving while volunteers handed each first grader and their Woodcrest friend colorful feathers and a marker. The partners were then asked to share three things that they were thankful for with each other and to write those three things on their feather.

“As I walked by the tables, the friends were sharing the things they were giving thanks for, Thompson added. “’Pauline,’ ‘God,’ ‘Family,’ ‘Terry,’ and ‘Friends’ were just some of the reasons for thankfulness that were being exchanged. One Woodcrest friend even paused long enough to give her thanks for bringing the students out to visit her each month.”

After dozens of reasons to be thankful were shared aloud, the feathers were added to a turkey hanging at the front of the activity hall to remind them of their giving of thanks together. The students read a “Thanksgiving” themed book to their friends before hugs and high-fives were given until they meet again.

At the conclusion of their Thanksgiving celebration, the students paraded out of the activity hall waving “so long” to their friends. “We are especially grateful for the love that we share with our friends at Woodcrest,” Thompson stated.  


Wellman's First Grade Class Visits Woodcrest

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