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Summer School - Session II - Begins July 15th

Parents of Summer School Participants: 

This is a reminder, the second session of Summer School for North Adams Community Schools will be held Monday through Friday, July 15th through August 2nd, at Bellmont Elementary School, located at the new PK-12 Bellmont Campus. The address for the school is 1200 North Adams Drive. Students are asked to be dropped off at 8 AM and picked up at 12:30 PM.  

Summer School participants are asked to use the back elementary school doors for drop off and pick up. The back entrance is located off of the Bus Only drive on the north side of the building. Parents may enter in the drive located directly between the tennis courts and high school building on the north side of the campus. Please be advised, however, following summer school, this drive will return to being closed to regular traffic and will resume to Bus Only parking, pick up, and drop off. The back entrance is only open to car traffic for summer school purposes. [Attached is a map showing the pickup/drop off location.] 

If you have any questions, please contact our Central Office at 724-7146. 

We look forward to greeting your son or daughter at Summer School! 

Summer School Session II Map