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Roby's Class Spreads Holiday Cheer at Golden Meadows

On Thursday, December 12th, Kelly Roby's first grade class from Bellmont Elementary School visited Golden Meadows Home to spread some holiday cheer!

“The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear,” Roby quoted from the famous holiday Elf movie.

A special visitor joined the holiday fun at Golden Meadows! “Mrs. Roby's father, Dave McIntire, attended along with the class for an added surprise!” shared Leah Thompson, communications manager at North Adams Community Schools.  

In a BIG elftastic way, McIntire accompanied the little cheer-givers on the piano as the students sang some holiday favorites! Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Silent Night filled the gathering hall with joy!

“You can just imagine the smiles,” Thompson said. “More than twenty little first graders singing Jingle Bells and dancing with joy… what could bring more happiness to your heart than that? It was astounding!”

The students made hand-crafted cards designed like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in class and shared them with their friends. Inside the card, the students had written a special message of holiday tidings. “After the singing, the students found a friend, read them the card they had written and delivered the special greetings throughout the hall,” Thompson added.

It wasn't long before the sugar was stirring! “All that was missing were the aprons,” Thompson joked.


The students and their friends all decorated Christmas cookies with icing and sprinkles for a sweet treat to celebrate with a little tasty fun! “There is nothing quite like a homemade iced sugar cookie at Christmas,” said Thompson. “I don't think any were left for Santa - so that might mean more cookies need to be decorated soon!”

The group took a picture with the students and their friends before the visit concluded.

“We are so very appreciative to Thrivent Financial for their financial support to make these visits possible,” Thompson stated. “We also want to thank Golden Meadows for opening their home to our students each month, a big thank you to our volunteers who join us and a special thanks to Dave McIntire for sharing his musical talents with us! His cheerful sounds helped us deck the halls at Golden Meadows with fun, joy and love! A big thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone!”

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