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Sims's Holly Jolly Christmas Visit to WNH

Quinci Sims’s first grade class from Bellmont Elementary School decked the halls fa-la-la-la-lots of holly jolly smiles during their recent visit to see their friends at Woodcrest Nursing Home just before Christmas Break.

“The spirits were bright as good tidings of cheer were spread throughout the Activity Hall,” shared Leah Thompson, communications manager for North Adams Community Schools.

As the first graders paired up with their Woodcrest friends, they read them a handmade Christmas card that they had designed for them in class prior to their visit.

“Our volunteer elves passed out sugar cookies, icing and sprinkles as the students read their cards,” added Thompson. “As I walked by one of the tables, I stopped to tell some friends how lovely their cookies were decorated. With a big, reminiscent smile, our friend Gretchen recalled, ‘I have decorated many cookies in my life!’ She was radiating with joyfulness!”

The friends enjoyed their sugary treat but off in the distance a big belly laugh and shouts of “Merry Christmas!” were heard. “The students and their Woodcrest friends turned with a surprise to see Santa on his way!” Thompson added. “SANTA” shouted the first graders! “It was as joyful as Christmas morning!”

Santa was greeted with hugs and excitement. He took pictures with all of the children and their Woodcrest friends. “Each first grader received a special Christmas present,” Thompson said. “The smiles were contagious. My cheeks were sore from smiling so much! These experiences are truly unforgettable ones that last a lifetime.”

“We wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to Woodcrest for their hospitality each month, Santa for his annual visits to share in our holiday cheer and all of our volunteers for making these events possible,” Thompson stated. “What a magical time of year!”

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