March 2018 - Students of the Month

Posted by School and Community Relations on 3/30/2018

March Students of the Month

Brinley Byler

Brinley has a very kind heart and is always willing to give a helping hand. She ALWAYS has a pleasant, contagious smile on her face that lights up the halls of BMS. She is very responsible and can be trusted with any task. We know she will get it done and get it done well! We are very excited to have her represent 5th grade as student of the month.

~5th Grade Team

 Jessica Ainsworth, Hannah Miller, Doug Mishler, Payton Selking, Heidi Trentadue

Makenzie Mankey

Mackenzie Mankey is an excellent role model for her peers not only academically but also in all other areas.  As we have observed her this year, we have become more and more impressed with her maturity, disposition, and all-around poise in all situations.  Besides being a conscientious student, her social skills are above reproach.  We have never heard her say an unkind word.  She consistently goes above and beyond in her work. She truly sets a fantastic example for her peers with her work ethic and attitude. She also manages time well with being involved in gymnastics. She often completes assignments ahead of the deadline, and they are high quality work that we often use as an example for the other students. .  Her answers, even when we say they can be shorter, are always very thorough and beyond what is asked. Above all, she is respected by her peers and is a great role model for them. Mackenzie is the epitome of what we want our Students of the Month to aspire to be.

~6th Grade Team

 Brooke Ainsworth, Tonni North, Lisa Rich, Becky Ruble, Melanie Wolpert

Tessa Burgin

Tessa Burgin is an excellent student and kind and thoughtful young lady.  She greets her teachers each day with a kind word, offers help when she sees a need, and is kind to her classmates.  Tessa’s grades are all very good, too.  In the classroom Tessa gets down to business and gets her work done, then reads or uses her time wisely in other ways.   No one ever has to worry about Tessa doing the right thing.  She serves as a good role model to others.  We are proud to have Tessa as our Student of the Month.

~7th Grade Team

 Janis Coffman, Rhonda Johnson, Mike Keller, Marisa Mailloux, Catherine Pohlman

Lauren Bard

Lauren is kind and courteous to students and teachers alike.  She always strives to do her best and you can count on her to participate in class.  We are very excited to have Lauren for our student of the month.

~8th Grade Team

Jackie Bard, Sharice Bowen, Ben Fawbush, Chelli Smith, Joe Wolpert