February 2018 - Students of the Month

Posted by School and Community Relations on 2/23/2018

January and February Students of the Month

Daxten Zimmerman

Congratulations to Daxten Zimmerman for being the 5th grade Student of the Month! Daxten is a very kind boy who is always willing to help in class. When Daxten returns to school, after being absent,  he is responsible in completing his work in timely manner, without being reminded. Daxten participates in class discussions, cooperates in small group work, and uses his common sense at school.  Bellmont Middle School is lucky to have Daxten as a student. Daxten’s perseverance, integrity, and problem solving skills will take him far in life.

~5th Grade Team

 Jessica Ainsworth, Hannah Miller, Doug Mishler, Payton Selking, Heidi Trentadue

Breonna Johnson

Breonna Johnson is a hard worker who daily comes to class with a smile.  Her attitude towards learning is always positive regardless if she is participating in class, engaging with a small group, or working independently. She sets a fantastic example for her peers with her work ethic and quiet leadership. Beyond striving to do her best in each class, she is conscientious, keeps organized, and is kind to everyone.  Breonna is a joy to have in 6th grade, and we are proud to have her as our February Student of the Month.

~6th Grade Team

 Brooke Ainsworth, Tonni North, Lisa Rich, Becky Ruble, Melanie Wolpert

Madelynn Hill

Madelynn Hill could be student of the month every month, if possible.  She consistently models the character, work habits, lifeskills, and excellence any teacher or parent would want in a child.  Madelynn treats others, no matter who it is, with kindness and patience and is a positive role model for her peers. 

 ~7th Grade Team

 Janis Coffman, Rhonda Johnson, Mike Keller, Marisa Mailloux, Catherine Pohlman

Leo Reese

Leo Reese is a great role model for others to follow. While in the hall, Leo is always polite and friendly to everyone. In the classroom, he strives to do his best and volunteers to read & answer questions. Outside of the classroom, he displays perseverance, sportsmanship and a great attitude! Leo is a great example of Bellmont Pride at work!!!  Thank you Leo!

~8th Grade Team

Jackie Bard, Sharice Bowen, Ben Fawbush, Chelli Smith, Joe Wolpert