November 2018 - Students of the Month

Posted by Webmaster on 11/23/2018

November 2018 - Students of the Month

Cerenity Slusher

The 5th grade team is happy to have Cerenity Slusher as our November Student of the Month. She is a wonderful example of BMS pride. Cerenity has a great work ethic. She always tries her best, stays focused on the task at hand, and participates in class. In addition, she has a kind and respectful attitude. She is always willing to help others in the classroom. It is an honor to select Cerenity as the 5th grade Student of the Month for November.

~5th Grade Team

 Jessica Ainsworth, Hannah Miller, Doug Mishler, Payton Selking, Heidi Trentadue


Tiffany Lanning

Tiffany Lanning is a very sweet, caring young lady.  She shows kindness to everyone and is always willing to help others.  She is very conscientious of her own school work while helping others when they are confused.  Daily she reaches out to her classmates and shows her kindness without bringing attention to herself or expecting anything in return. She just has a naturally servant-like attitude. Academically she is always attentive in class and has excellent participation. Tiffany is a model student, and the sixth grade teachers are proud to have her as our November Student of the Month.

~6th Grade Team

 Brooke Ainsworth, Tonni North, Lisa Rich, Becky Ruble, Melanie Wolpert


Avery Keller

The 7th grade is pleased to announce Avery Keller as the November Student of the Month.  Avery is an excellent student and a fine young lady that any teacher or parent would be very pleased with.  She pays attention, works hard, and treats others with kindness and maturity on a daily basis.  Recently, Avery had a week-long illness but came back with all make up work done, and done very well.  This shows the level of responsibility Avery has developed in her life.  Avery is very deserving of this honor.  (Avery is no relation to Mr. Keller, 7th grade teacher. She earned this honor on her own.)

~7th Grade Team

 Rhonda Johnson, Mike Keller, Marisa Mailloux, Janelle Plasterer, Catherine Pohlman


Juliana Banuelos

The 8th grade teachers are thrilled to select Juliana Banuelos as our November Student of the Month.  Juliana always has her homework completed, participates in class, and is very courteous.  She also demonstrates quiet leadership in the halls and on the volleyball court.  We love having Juliana in class and we’re pumped to have her as our Student of the Month.

 ~8th Grade Team

Jackie Bard, Sharice Bowen, Ben Fawbush, Chelli Smith, Joe Wolpert