September 2018 - Students of the Month

Posted by Webmaster on 9/21/2018

September 2018 - Students of the Month

Jackson Hicks

Jackson Hicks is a student with an ample of BMS pride. Jackson is constantly encouraging his peers (in and out of the classroom), always respectful to adults, has great work ethic, and is reliable. If he is confused by something in class, he is not afraid to raise his hand and ask for help. We are proud to have Jackson represent 5th grade this month! 

~5th Grade Team

 Jessica Ainsworth, Hannah Miller, Doug Mishler, Payton Selking, Heidi Trentadue


Lydia Simerman

There are many challenges that often exist for students who move to a new school.  This has not been the case for Lydia Simerman.  In addition to Lydia quickly making friends, she has also smoothly made the transition with academics.  Each day she comes to school with a kind, cheerful, respectful attitude.  She has an enthusiasm for learning and often goes above and beyond in her work.  Not only is she an exceptional person and student, but Lydia is a student-athlete who manages her time well. We are proud to have her as an addition to our Bellmont community.  It is an honor to select Lydia Simerman as the September 6th grade Student of the Month.

~6th Grade Team

 Brooke Ainsworth, Tonni North, Lisa Rich, Becky Ruble, Melanie Wolpert


Alex Fosnaugh

Alex is a kind and hard- working kid.  He treats others with kindness, never having a harsh word for anyone.  He works hard in his classes, asking for extra help when he needs it.  Alex sets goals for himself with his grades, wanting to make honor roll and do well.  Alex is a good role model for his fellow classmates, showing them how to be responsible, polite, and work toward goals.

~7th Grade Team

 Rhonda Johnson, Mike Keller, Marisa Mailloux, Janelle Plasterer, Catherine Pohlman


Sydnee Farmer

She is very diligent with her school work and she goes out of her way to help others in class.   Sydnee is very quiet in class but she leads by example.  We are excited to have her in 8th grade and proud to have her as our student of the month.

 ~8th Grade Team

Jackie Bard, Sharice Bowen, Ben Fawbush, Chelli Smith, Joe Wolpert