May 2019 - Students of the Month

Posted by Webmaster on 5/16/2019

May 2019 - Students of the Month

Everett Colclasure

The fifth grade team is happy to have Everett Colclasure as our May Student of the Month. Everett has such a big heart! Selfless, caring, and hardworking are just a few ways to describe what a great student he is. Everett consistently puts the best interest of others ahead his own. He is a friend to all and offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need. We are proud to have Everett represent our fifth grade class as our Student of the Month

~5th Grade Team

 Jessica Ainsworth, Hannah Miller, Doug Mishler, Payton Selking, Heidi Trentadue


Allie Simon

Throughout this school year, the sixth grade teachers have stressed the importance of always “choosing kind.”  The May Student of the Month definitely is a role model to others in being able to choose kind in all life situations.  Allie Simon is such a sweet young lady who greets teachers each morning and afternoon with a smile and kind words.  Being polite is just part of who she is and how she treats others.  She doesn’t draw attention to herself, but she does what needs to be done.  She actively participates in class and does a nice job on her work without needing praise or attention.  We can always count on her to do the right thing whether we are watching or not.  Daily she does what she needs to do with a sweet disposition and without being involved in any kind of drama.  It has been a true pleasure to have Allie in our classes, and we are more than proud to have her as our May Student of the Month.

~6th Grade Team

 Brooke Ainsworth, Tonni North, Lisa Rich, Becky Ruble, Melanie Wolpert


Macie Vergara

Macie is a shy, quiet girl who can easily go unnoticed.  But her teachers do notice her.  They notice her kindness, willingness to work hard, and her daily practice of treating others nicely. She does her best in class and always has her work done on time.  Macie can be counted on to be honest and responsible and is a pleasure to have in class.  The Seventh Grade proudly presents Macie Vergara as their May Student of the Month.

~7th Grade Team

 Rhonda Johnson, Mike Keller, Marisa Mailloux, Janelle Plasterer, Catherine Pohlman


Amira Brewer

Amira is a great student who works hard and she sets a quiet example for others to follow.  We are so glad to have gotten to know Amira this year and we can’t wait to see what great things the future holds for her. 

~8th Grade Team

Jackie Bard, Sharice Bowen, Ben Fawbush, Chelli Smith, Joe Wolpert