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SUN Bucks

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We have been informed that at the state level, households are having a difficult time getting through for SUN Bucks. Guidance to resolve basic PIN reset issues are listed below:

  • To protect the card benefits from fraud, the selected PIN cannot be a sequence of numbers (1234 or 9876) or repeated numbers (1111 or 8888). Additionally, the number cannot have two or more repeating numbers (i.e. 1288) or more than two sequential numbers (i.e. 1238).
  • The zip code must match the zip code where the card was sent.
  • The date of birth must match the child on the card and must be in the format of mm/dd/yyyy.
  • The system times out quickly. If they delay putting in any of the required information, it may be a timing issue. Suggest they write out all the numbers as they will need to submit them to have ready to type in. This includes the card number, zip code, date of birth (for the child on the card), and the PIN they would like to use (see guidelines above).

If households continue to have issues after following the above guidance, they can call the SUN Bucks helpline at 317-234-4528 or submit to the online help form to escalate the issue.